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Car paint job

Auto Body and Paint Restorations

At CFK Collision Ltd, we complete restorations on all makes and models of cars and trucks. We have many specialized tools and pieces of equipment to handle each project that we face. One such piece of equipment is our wedge clamp frame straightener which can bend frames back into shape. And if there are any parts that we need to complete a restoration, we’ll order them for you to reduce any hassle.

You can always expect us to provide you with a realistic estimate, unlike many shops who underestimate repairs just to get the insurance company to sign off on it. And for any collision repairs that you receive at our shop, you will receive a lifetime warranty!

Our Painting Equipment and Techniques

We also have a state-of-the art computerized painting system. We can look up VIN numbers and paint codes to get your exact match.

We utilize DuPont® paint, which is all water-based and environmentally friendly. We first apply a base coat for colour, and then we apply a clear coat to protect the paint and give it a nice shine.

Other Restorations

Besides bringing vehicles back to life, we also do custom work on motorcycles, helmets, guitars and more. We even perform fibreglass repairs!

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